Frontend to manipulate table content

Just click into a table cell,edit the content, then use

Any of the above events will save content here on the page, and move the input field accordingling.
Use ESCAPE to exit edit mode.

Inside the table, the context menu offers some more functionality

There is no backend attached to make changes of table content persistend.
When you refresh the page all changes are gone

Sticky columnsnormal columns
Column 0Column 1column 2Other columnColumn 4
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The context menu.

When you scroll the page content towards and over the left edge, you will see that the table has two sticky columns from the left. The same goes for the entire table header, scroll the page content towards and over the top.

The geomtery/layout of the sticky parts, will also be maintained if you sort the table or insert, copy or delete rows or if you change the content of table cells.